Fees can often be a difficult subject to discuss with a lawyer or any other professional.   I make it easier for you because if you don’t raise it right away, I will.  I will also tell you when the meter is running and when it is not, so you don't have to wonder if you're going to get a bill later on.

The first meeting is at no cost, to allow me to see if your situation or legal issue is something that I can help you with.  If it is, then I will tell you what my hourly rate is and give you my best estimate of how long it will take to provide you with the legal advice and services that you want.  That way, you will have a very good idea of what the total cost will be right at the start, rather than waiting for a surprise later on.

If you then decide that you want me to go ahead I may ask for a deposit (retainer) to be paid right away, to be applied towards the final bill.

For speaking engagements and seminars there may be no cost at all, or there may be a fee that we will agree upon at the start.

For Rent a Lawyer services, the fee will be discussed with you and agreed upon before I begin.  It will be at a reduced rate from my current hourly rate, and can be based on a fixed amount or a daily rate.   You know exactly what the cost will be.

Bottom line: great legal advice for a reasonable price! 

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